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I am a creative director and graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience.
Working in B-to-B since 1989, then designer in furniture & decoration with professional certification since 2004. I am working now particularly to renovate visual identities and decorations. Shop, coffee, bar, restaurant and hospitality since 12 years. I like to do everything with the « french touch », keeping a place for my paintings and artistic researches. I am a specialist to use second-hand, to be customized, reuse furniture, recycling materials, re-equip new premises with a creative new style at the best cost and with the smallest carbon footprint ;+). Here some selected works. Only few job is a work order and very few were paid; this personal works are all originals, extracts from my personnal port-folio. I am fully the author of each original idea and concept presented here by plan, drawning, photography or photo-montage, as at their initiative and achievement, graphically or as prototype, builded by my hands, unless otherwise stated. Some of this designs are available without copyrights for use under licence Creative Commons, just contact me about what you would like to use. Native from Paris, France, I am working as volonteer everywhere in the world. I’m a public service artist. Not in the sense that I work for free, and for any authority. I mean that each work of mine tries to express something that belongs to millions of people. Made in the interest of all.

I believe that image must have meaning. Not only to be seen : to be trusted. The real meaning of image is the image that makes sense. The real utility of an image is to make sense.

In a modern society in which authentic social life has been replaced with its representation, the image is taking all free space. The best way to get public attention, « to wake up the spectator who has been drugged by spectacular images », is to make the difference with some « speaking images ».

Teamwork, mutualization, pooling resources are profitable to the quality of work of artistic design.
The choice of cooperation, sharing, collaboration in trade is always paid back by material savings and a proportional increase in the volume of business.
You are artist or only craftsmen, you want to share a space, ideas, projects, technical means or only satisfy customers, you are starting a new product, a new business : just join me.

“Individually we are special, together we are spectacular!”

please contact-me : decraene[at]mediatake[dot]com